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Those of you who have worked with me know the particular importance I place upon the use of language, both in communication with others and in internal dialogue. Following my previous post, and in the face of an increasing sense of helplessness in the face of massive global change, I would suggest that one very real manner in which we as individuals can effect change in the world around us is to change our language. The corporate media know full well the power of langauge and daily manipulate our vernacular in order to secure the interests of various mechanisms of control. I feel that it behooves us all to question and modify those structures of language which do not serve our collective evolution.

Below is an example of the kind of language that is an ever increasing part of our linguistic consumption. The inference that nature is a force of aggression which "beseiges" humanity's defences serves only to further separation, fear and denial of the fundamentally biological nature of our existence. If we are "at war" with nature, then we are at war with our very selves and those about us we purport to love and support.


BBC NEWS | Americas | Storm batters southern US coast:
Mayor Ray Nagin said he had received reports that some water had already breached the defences.
"This city is under siege," he said.