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Language (Redux)

I have been watching the unfolding events in New Orleans with interest. I realised that my previous post about the situation there may have seemed offhand in the face of so much human suffering. This was not the case, and I have been deeply saddened by the seemingly perpetual resistance to the real opening of heart in the American psyche as expressed by it's corporate media. The obsession with rapes, shooting deaths and other acts of violence seems to leave little room for discussion of what must be the myriad of acts of human compassion in times of stress and loss. I was, it seemed, witnessing yet another great possibility for healing being subverted by forces of greed, violence and manipulation. A wise friend suggested a different outcome.

I also think that it's the American way - the blaming the fighting, etc. The problem is that they can't rally against nature - this is actually a huge national lesson which will wind its way into the heart. Think of it...there will be inevitably the shock of the "empty boat" story, in the dead of night, a boat hits another, wakes up and angers the captain, who storms out on deck, gun in hand...only to find the offender an empty boat...what happens to the anger?

This is being played out in self-talk and the process of mind all over the country. It is a good thing. Hatred has no more pitiful image than the blinded cyclops, at one time so feared, and soon, willing to hold a child's hand out of the labyrinth. This, I think, may well be a moment of the heart as it emerges.

I sincerely hope he is right, and that the many acts of heart's compassion become the norm rather than the exception