Quantum Life Bodyworks

Discovering and Attending to our Deep Body Stories

Communication Only Occurs Between Equals

From "Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection".

"The Teachers walk amidst our daily lives prepared to share the appropriate information when we are ready for it. As we evolve, the lessons present themselves more clearly. For those of us who are too headstrong to learn from other human beings, lessons will duly arrive in the guise of Situations, Dreams and other Self-generating activities. The rest of us who can learn from each other directly, will share the opportunity of meeting the Teachers in the flesh. They are us. We appear in a vast array of masks, cloaks and roles and many of us will not even take the credit for something which comes as natural as helping each other. These Teachers, however, have been recognised in the following services: Gas Station Attendants (Self-Serve), Grandmonthers, Stumbling Drunks, Astronomers, Cats, Landladies, Ferns, Newscasters, Mozart, Hardcore Punk Music Madmen, Crystals, Children, Presidents, Indian Chiefs, MOvie Stars, Plumbers, Telephone Operators and the listgoes on forever. It's all Spiritual and the Teachers are everywhere. It just takes a certain kind of perspective to see this."

It is my repeated observation that those of you who come to work with me, do so precisely because of the impeccability of the timing of Spirit, in it's collective and individual manifestations. Most certainly I have certain skills of perception and manipulation of matter (specifically bodies, both physical and energetic), but primarily my role is to hold space so that you may more clearly see your Self. This makes me no more or less important than any of the abovementioned Teachers. You are the centre of your perceptual framework, and all information received from the world around you must be absorbed, organised and communicated through that framework.

If my perceptions match those of your Heart's knowing and so provide space for a more fruitful expression of your Self, I consider myself blessed, as I have communicated successfully with an equal.