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African Journey

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Safari Africa 2

Africa has never presented strongly to me as a destination for travel. I had read many accounts of it's history during my youth, but a history which told of exploitation of resources and people, wars and the building of empires, rather than the stories of the land and her people. As a result of my association with the Avalon community, I had the good fortune to meet with Munene and Liz, both of whom had a close connection with Credo Mutwa, a Zulu sangoma from South Africa. I was interested to meet with him and hear his stories, but again Africa seemed a long way off, and my commitment at the time was working with the healers of South America and their particular medicines.

Whilst in the exploration of that realm, I found myself once again in Brasil with a Colombian shaman of my acquaintance. I had spent some time prior with him in Colombia, and synchronicity was flowing rapidly, suggesting a journey of significant unfolding. I had been ten days in Brasil with a particular group of people, and the final ceremony with that group had been a difficult one for many, with the confrontation of fear being the focus for the night's work. I had worked through the night, assisting the shaman in maintaining the integrity of the circle, despite repeated attempts to disrupt that integrity. I was not alone in this work, as all there present were clearly aware of the seriousness of the situation, drawing close to the fire and offering a collective rejection of negativity. Finally, having reached the limit of my patience and endurance, I invoked the name of an ancestral shaman which had been offered to me in ceremony some six months earlier. The power of that connection made manifest was a stream of strange language with which the ancestors were called, the forces of nature invoked and the spirits of the surrounding land called upon to insist upon an end to fear. The call was made not only for that group, but for an end to the war and oppression so prominent across the globe. I moved away from the fire and danced around the boundary, rattling and singing forth a language of my cells, a heartfelt call of what it is to be truly human.

When I returned to the fire, chest heaving from my exertions, the environment had changed, peace and clarity were obvious and the faces of those around the fire reflected the absence of fear. I made a gesture of apology toward the shaman, hoping I had not acted to disrupt his own process. He smiled and offered in his very limited English.

"You African Shåman!"

I was puzzled, as I had discussed the ancestral shaman with him earlier, and he had told me of his origin in the Vaupess region of the Amazon. A number of other people approached me later to ask of the langauge. "It sounded almost African" was the consensus.

I enjoyed the peace and clarity of the collective mind, free of fear and thought little more of it until four or five days later as I was assisting the shaman in the preparation of medicine for the coming week's ceremony. It was a long process which involved stirring of the brew for many hours into the night. At around midnight as we were working, a man arrived from Kenya. He had been booked to arrived a week before, but was delayed in London by bad weather, and in the United States by visa problems. When he was brought to the kitchen where we were working, the shaman asked if he knew any shaman from Africa. He said that he had not worked with Kenyan shaman but had met with a shaman from South Africa named Credo.

My interest was piqued.

"That's very interesting, I know someone from Sydney has a strong connection with a South African shaman named Credo".

The newly arrived Kenyan (Edwin) asked my who that might be.

"Munene", I replied.

"Ahhh, Munene" he responded "We are old school friend's from Kenya, we have known each other for many years!"

I laughed at the workings of spirit, as this connection was discovered within minutes of meeting each other.

A few days later, I sat in ceremony with Edwin and, in the dawn light sang quietly at his side an Icaro recently taught me by the medicine. He shuddered as it came to a close, and made to move away from the fire, to retire for breakfast. As he did so he put his hand upon my shoulder. I subsequently received a vision of great power, unusual for the peak of the ceremony was long passed. In it I saw great volumes of heavily polluted water pouring over Victoria Falls. As the dead, corrupted water poured over the brink, it fell away to a great chasm filled with jagged rubble and the moans of despair of millions of people. It spoke of great poverty and disease, and was a difficult thing to hold after the efforts of the previous night. Nonetheless I felt it a great gift and later Edwin and I met as different men.

"Difficult gift you offered me, brother" I offered.

"Much work to be done", he returned.

"Much work indeed", I acknowledged, our hands clasped across the table, a light of newly recalled fraternity between us shining in our eyes.

The days following were fraught with difficulty, and I did not have the opportunity to cement that connection with Edwin.

Upon my return to Australia i again met with Liz, synchronicitously, in Avalon. We discussed my Brasilian visions of Africa and the connections with Munene. She offered her feeling that it would be good to meet with Credo. I agreed, but again could not see the material possibility of that occurrence in the short term. As I walked away , however, I felt the strong current of spirit in support of that meeting, such that I turned back, surprised by the intensity of it, to tell her.

Some months later, I had the opportunity to work with LIz, and so, the spirits of the land of Africa. During that meeting, certain places were spoken of as significant to Liz. When I returned to my home, I looked on the internet for information about Credo. The first article I read contained a description of a place almost identical to that described in the work with Liz.

To that end, I have made the decision to trust in the language of Spirit, the language of the heart, and travel to Africa this coming November to meet with Credo, and share the journey with Liz.

As always my focus remains upon the healing of the heart, and I would welcome the company of like minded, open hearted people to share with us what promises to be a magical journey to the land which gave birth to Humanity.