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Africa Journey [addendum]

In my post of the forthcoming journey to Africa, I presented a truncated version of the synchronicitous unfolding of my journey to Colombia and Brasil insofar as it related to my intention to travel to Africa. During that journey's unfolding I kept another online blog to keep friends and family informed of what was occurring in my world. In my recent account I intimated a troubled period in that journey which prevented me from continuing connections I felt important. I shall recount that period at a later date here, but suffice to say that it's impact also prompted me to withdraw my online account of the journey. I saved a PDF document which captured the essence of my experience [although hyperlinks and comments are inaccessible and the format is a little unsophisticated]. It gives some idea of the complexity of the structures weaved through the worlds of people and things which have led me to this particular moment of evolution. It also shows the naive heart writ large...

Download journeyblog.pdf (267.2K)