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Avalon Arrival

Thanks again to all in Avalon who contribute to the beautiful energy and unfolding at "The Light House". I speak without a hint of self deprecation to say that work of Kerrie, Deborah and Helen is integral to the healing that occurs there, and without them it would simply not occur with all the magic that so regularly arrives in that space. That and all the honest acknowledgment of what does occur there by all who visit makes "my" work so much richer, for it is my view that any healing for the individual heals the collective, and the earth upon whom we depend for this opportunity of embodiment.

I will be returning to Avalon for appointments from Monday 26th until Wednesday 28th of September, and will again be available from Wednesday 19th until Sunday 23rd of October.

Kerrie Ferguson will make appointment arrangements so please contact her as soon as possible if you wish to see me.

Please contact me by email if you have any more specific queries.

With Love