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Venezuelan Christmas Seminar with Dr. Valentin Hampejs

I have been most fortunate to meet by way of correspondence Dr. Heinz Valentin Hampejs. Dr. Hampejs is by his own description an MD in Neurology and Psychiatry, an MD in General Medicine and an Investigator and expert in Indian-American Shamanism.

During the Christmas/New Year period, Dr. Hampejs conducts seminars in Venezuela using the Sacred Plant Medicines which are endemic to and prolific in use throughout the South Americas. Those of you who know of my work in Colombia and Brasil know that I highly value the efficacy of these medicines to access what Dr. Hampejs names "The Doctor Within". My work has been predominantly with the Ayahuasca vine used througout the Amazon, and Dr. Hampejs prefers to work with San Pedro, the Sacred cactus of the Andes, also known to me as agaucolla. In the documents accessed below, Dr. Hampejs gives a number of examples of the efficacy of this medicine in realising the underlying causes of endogenous depressions. In my own work with these medicines, I have witnessed many "miraculous" healings of both physical and mental/emotional ailments. It is my feeling that the efficacy of my own facilitation of healing is due to the grace of the spirits of these teachers and others who work with and through me. Often in my work in Australia, I feel frustrated by the prohibitions upon these Sacred Plant Medicines, as I know that various ailments which prove otherwise difficult to shift would be treated most effectively by the correct applications of these indigenous healings.

To that end I am offering to attend with any who wish to experience the healing of this nature, Dr Hampejs Christmas/New Year seminar in Venezuela. This opportunity has come suddenly, however I trust in the workings of these things and trust that those who feel drawn to work in this manner will also trust the wisdom of their own hearts. Any who feel that this journey may be useful to their own personal journey would need to let me know as soon as possible their intentions, because accomodations would need to be arranged in what is a peak tourist season in the region where Dr Hampejs conducts his seminars.

If you are interested in attending this seminar with me, please let me know immediately by email or telephone.

The cost of airfares to Venezuela is in the order of $2,700 for a return ticket, and the cost of Dr. Hampejs seminar amounts to approximately $2,500 by current exchange rates. The seminars include all accommodations during the 15 day seminar, two meals per day and 4 ceremonies with the Sacred Medicines. Details of the seminars are provided in the documents accessed below. Additionally I have posted some photographs of previous seminars.

I understand that the timing of this event is during a period where people are generally engaged in family activities, and that the cost is significant. I raised this issue with Dr Hampejs, who responded;

"Probably, some of the people you are trying to interest for participating in our Christmas-Seminar might have committed themselves already for some familiar festivity meetings, but I also trust that some of them would understand that recovering one’s health represents doubtlessly the most precious Christmas-gift and the most beneficial preparation for one’s destiny during the coming New Year."

I feel this is a very valid point to raise. My own excitement about the possibility of working with Dr. Hampejs is that I believe it a rare opportunity to work with someone so well versed in both allopathic and traditional medicines.

An account of Alan Shoemaker's work with Dr. Hampejs may be found here

With Love


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12. Shamanic Power Hike, National Park, Tabay, Venezuela

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15. Shamanic Power-Hike, National Park, Tabay, Venezuela

16. Shamanic Power Hike, Mérida, Venezuela, Landscape

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26. Shamanic Power Walk On The Sacred Mandango Mountain, Ecu

27. Shamanic Fire-Altar, Christmas-Seminar 3004-2005, Tabay,

28. Shamanic Fire Altar, Christmas-Seminar 2004-2005, Tabay,

29.Shamanic Fire Altar, Christmas-Seminar 2004-2005, Tabay,

30. Shamanic Ritual On The Pacific Coast, 1998

31. Shamanic Ritual On The Pacific Coast, Ecuador, 1997

32. Shamanic Fire-Altar On The Pacific Coast, Ecuador, 1997

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34. Shamanic Christmas Seminar 2004-2005, Tabay, Venezuela,

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Christmas Seminar Christmas Seminar