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News from the Edge

Much movement in my particular cosmos in this time, apologies for a paucity of communication. Organisation, never a particularly linear affair, seems most complex at this time, with coordination in many differing dimensions required.

The proposed Africa Journey with Liz Watters has been postponed for various reasons, but a new opportunity for growth and healing expressed itself in a meeting with Dr. Valentin Hampejs. His Christmas healing seminar offered excellent prospects for those interested in the healing potentials of the Sacred Plant Medicines of the Amazonian and Andean regions of South America. Despite strong interest, the material possibilities of this journey seems blocked by a complete lack of available seats on flights to Venezuela at that time!

Both these journeys remain in the focus of consciousness, but the timing has obviously not been appropriate. If any have an interest in either journey, please let me know and I will keep you informed of inevitable unfoldings.

This weekend in Avalon, Jessie Ayani will be conducting a workshop and has made herself available for private sessions. I do not know Jessie personally, but her energy has been presenting in my own work during my last visit to Avalon, so I felt to mention it. I believe there are a number of spaces still available for the workshop, and hope that it's belated presentation here will not preclude those who can use this information from benefiting. Information can be obtained from Sana on 0416263847.

Ankya of Ankya Design has a range of beautiful images in various forms available for the Christmas season. I offered to host the information here, however my web design skills are rudimnentary to say the least, and I am currently able to offer the catalogue as a downloadable document rather than as immediately viewable html. Please take the time to view Ankya's work or visit her website and help support a business who's focus is the heart.


As to my work, I will again be available in Avalon from the 16th until the 20th of November. Appointments as always are available by the unique agency of Kerrie Ferguson, for which I offer thanks. Kerrie can be contacted on 0410 488 247.

Apropos the perceived blockages I mention above, I would suggest that this is a energy currently being felt in the collective psyche, and indeed reflective of a deeper process in the unfolding of the Earth's evolution, not simply something occurring in my personal sphere. Any discussion of how that manifests in individual lives is welcomed, and I believe useful, as it may "ameliorate the prevailing sense of loneliness and separation that is so much a part of the current human story".

Much Love