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Greetings and Salutations for the New Year.

As many of you know, final preparations are underway for the rapidly approaching departure for a rescheduled seminar with Dr. Valentin Hampejs in Venezuela. For that reason I will not be in Avalon until my return. I will be in Merida with Deborah, Kerrie and Justin until February's end whereupon they will return, and I shall remain. To that end, there is a possibility of a second seminar beginning on or about the 10th of March. I can adjust the start time of the seminar within a few days in order to accommodate the limited flights to Venezuela from Australia. Anyone inspired by the forthcoming journeys of the brave Avalon pioneers mentioned above, please contact me as soon as possible to speak of possibilities. The information provided here and here gives Dr. Hampejs' details of his seminars. Please read both documents carefully as they provide all material details of the seminars, as well as his perspective on Shamanic Medicine.

I will be available for appointments in Avalon and Bellingen upon my return to Australia, but cannot give specific dates as yet. Obviously the interest in a second seminar will influence my return date. I hope to be keeping an ongoing description of the Venezuelan unfolding (subject to network availability) so will update my plans as they arise and pass away (those of you who have been witness to the machinations of the airline flight booking system for the coming journey are permitted here a wry smile or indeed a hearty guffaw).

Despite many obstacles, I feel very grateful to have this opportunity to share with others what I find to be a most profound and efficacious healing process.

I apologise if my absence from Avalon and Bellingen inconveniences those who wish to see me, but the nature of my work is very much informed by the connection with the Sacred Medicines of the Amazon and Andes, and I dearly wish to have the opportunity to share these great healing teachers with others in a safe, supported and state sanctioned environment.

I wish you all a productive, nurturing and fulfilling 2006.