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Kerrie's Story


I was called to have my first meeting with the sacred healing plants of South America through several extraordinary events of synchronicity. So much so that I knew without any doubt that this was an answer to what had surfaced only days before as a longing to break through the invisible constraints I sensed I had placed upon my life.

Here are excerpts from my writings in the weeks that followed;

‘My journey into the sacred plant kingdom has undone me in a totally unexpected way. I did not have visitations from angels, demons, plant devas or my ancestors but instead I was melted and moulded ever so gently into the arms of the Mother. As I sang, in ceremony, I travelled with my sound to what felt for me to be the matrix of creation. I experienced the way sound interacts with the masculine principle and calls it into form. How the feminine principle of sound brings the Void to life with its vibration. I saw how the essential structure of my life is created by what I evoke from the subtle vibration of thought, the denser words that I utter consciously and unconsciously into the world and the pure sounds of sacred chanting I love so much’.

And a week or so later;

‘The essence of the plant spirit is still with me. I feel different in my body, more present, and yet my footsteps on the earth lighter, my movements more fluid.
Lizzy says she sees that I am growing a new light body. I don’t know what that means and yet I sense I am being recalibrated, reassembled. I feel new messages softly dispersing through my cells. I am deeply held by softness and am told that I have been opened to the true strength and presence of the feminine essence within me.
My efforts to support myself and others for so long have taken me far from my only source of true support. The armouring of effort is being dissolved, and I feel in myself how the tension created by my solitary acts of doing immediately creates a blockage of the conduit to my inner guru, to the knowing beyond my ego stories’.

And again;

“Resting in the feminine, what does that mean?” Karen asked me yesterday.
It is lying in the arms of the Great Mother, where I am thought and moved by her, and where I feel her great love and compassion for the human condition. It is where there is nothing to be done other than remain mutable enough to hear the next directive from within’.

And finally;

I have just realised that the bliss accompanying this new state of being I keep safely hidden, for fear that there is no place for it in this in world. I sense that it will challenge the broader consensus view of reality and that the sheer weight of this view will somehow crush it out of me. Yet I know it is sustenance for my hungry soul. I have been deeply blessed.

Two extraordinary years have passed since this journey. The great gift of the sacred plant teacher Is still with me. The doorway to the Goddess remains open. I feel her calling me into her arms again.

I sit and listen.