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The Archaic Wound

Further to my thoughts below, Kerrie has recently mentioned to me her feelings that perhaps people felt themselves "not dysfunctional" enough to warrant interest or active engagement in the pursuit of healing of the manner Dr. Hampejs offers. Certainly his interest, as a MD in Neurology and Psychiatry, is in the curing of "endogenous depression", but it is my experience that the reach of the Sacred Medicines is far deeper than the relief of immediately obvious symptomatic response. It is my feeling that these Sacred Medicines can teach us much about the nature of our individual beings, and the relationship of our individual selves to broader aspects of ourselves, our species and all the species with whom we share this beautiful planet. Without doubt there is, in this time, a prevailing sense of inability to find a meaningful place to stand amongst a species which shows many signs of rampant self destruction. There is often found a feeling of inability to make any real change within a cultural paradigm which seem to support deeply unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships with community and environment. I would suggest that there is a deeper cultural, and perhaps global malaise which all of us carry somewhere within our being. It is this realm that, in my experience, the Sacred Medicines work within and help us to address. As with any teachers, they show us the way, and the work of healing is effected by the individual with a delicate balance of honesty, courage and grace.

"It's the therapist's job to find the client's soul, and love it! That's all I'm really interested in, to tell you the truth. I believe that love is the healer, and I believe that you have to see with your third eye, and hear with your inner ear in order to find the soul, because it is so stricken. It's so stricken by oppression that it fears to come out....

....So you have to be extremely careful with bodywork, because the body often carries a psychotic corner, a rejected psyche. Deadened from the neck down- the body is dense, opaque matter, unconscious..,,

,,.and bodyworkers sometimes think they know what the body should do. They don't! - any more than the analyst knows what the psyche should do. Bodywork that is an exercise in power is entirely wrong, another violation of the body. The needed body is the bodywork where the soul is listened to, respected, and given it's outlet. The soul loves to move, to express to be free, and hates domination and desertion. Bodyworkers must surrender any power ideas, must surrender because the soul has taken all the power it can take. It will not tolerate any more.

Listen to the soul. Love it. Give it back it's dance. Then give the soul a format for understanding, for integration, and for anchoring"

Marion Woodman, Addiction and Sacred Emptiness.