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Archaic Ritual

During my work, I often see the interactions of people in time and geography as if from above, the Eagle's perspective (or indeed the Colibre).

Male White-Tailed Emerald

A life of an individual appears in time as a landscape viewed from above such that to the the people moving about within that landscape the geography is three dimensional, but they cannot see beyond the horizon in each direction. From the heightened perspective, it is possible for me to see how the interactions with the past and the future are influencing the current situation (which includes those pasts and futures because they are, infact, contained within the individuals). This is something like watching a person moving across a physical landscape. From their perspective, they may have no idea of what lies in front of them, but from a higher vantage point, one can see that the path of another (if a consistent direction and velocity are maintained) will cross theirs at a given time. Now this metaphor is limited, and the term higher connotes no description of correctness or morality, but it gives an impression of something for which there is limited language in this culture.

That observation has shown me time and time again that the movement of humans about the surface of the planet seems to have profound implications at an energetic level. Now the implication differs depending upon the intent of the movement and the mover, but it shows me the truth behind the indigenous perspective that humans are needed to recreate certain vibrations (in song, dance, ceremony) in order to assist in the healthy functioning of the planet. I do not purport to know all of the mechanisms in which this function is carried out, but I am deeply aware of and respecting of my immediate quality of felt experience when the spirits of the environment communicate with or through me.

In that deep knowing, I am aware that the planet, a being moving through it's own cycle of evolution and movement through consciousness, is deeply in need of the intentional support of those I would call "her children". My journey with others to Venezuela to assist in that process is an honour and a privilege in which I am deeply grounded and supported.

The experience of being the Great Mother Goddess, Mother Earth, then changed into actually becoming the planet Earth. There was no question that I - the Earth - was a living organism, and intelligent being trying to understand myself, struggling to evolve to a higher level of awareness, and attempting to communicate with other cosmic beings.

The metals and minerals constituting the planet were my bones, my skeleton. The biosphere - the plant life, animals, and humans - were my flesh. I experienced within myself the circulation of water from the oceans to the clouds and from there into little creeks and large rivers and back into the sea. The water system was my blood and the meteorological changes - the evaporation, air currents, the rainfall, and the snow - insured it's circulation, transport of nourishment, and cleansing. The communication between plants, animals, and humans, including modern technology - the press, telephone, radio, television, and the computer network - was my nervous system, my brain.

I felt in my body the injury of the industrial insults of strip mining, urbanisation, toxic and radioactive waste, and pollution of air and water. The strangest part of the session was that I was aware of rituals among various aboriginal peoples and experienced them as very healing and absolutely vital for myself"

account of a Holotropic Breathwork session of a young German woman in Stanislof Grof's, The Adventure of Self Discovery

"The Adventure of Self-Discovery: I : Dimensions of Consciousness : II : New Perspectives in Psychotherapy (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanist)" (Stanislav Grof)