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A BigSky blessing...


Aside from the usual enthusiasms about site – yes, it’s been raining, yes it’s cool and yes the neighbours clacking bamboo chimes tilt and clank in the wind, but oh! Kind, fellow, you need praise. This is what needs to arrive before your departure – a kind of hymn told in the best Celt spirit to you, and your brave four who are setting out into the void:

Strike deep, young man, the chasm, and there find the serpent with the jewel. Enjoy the rest of Ma Cactus as she feeds you soup with a spoon. Light out across those clouds and settle into rocks, early morning, where your feet sit rested on the ground. You are ancient. They will not find you there. You have earned your rest.

Enjoy again the meal of generations as you ripen and fall as fruit from the tree. Your skies are your skies. Carry and hold and care for your community and allow intrigues early escape. An upturned bowl is the sky – and you shall drift as you are eaten. Mother Cactus will return you to your bed, sated and plain.

That was a half-willed, half watched – a dream cultivated into prophecy. Best wishes for your journey, your own double-journey and your families. You are one of those fellows.

Much love,