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I am Blessed

I am blessed to be in the company of the people with whom I share this journey. One of the things which the Sacred Medicines teach, is the complexity of exchange between groups which is rarely acknowledged outside of this space which ceremony provides.

Don Valentin is an unabashed Catholic and devotee of Jesus. In the first instance, his language in this respect proved challenging for the group, but I am grateful for the grace of Christopher, Lakshmi and Durga reflected in the rapidity with which they realised the the reaction was indeed their own, and saw through to the devotional heart of the man who has offered us all so much teaching and healing in such a short space of time.

As a result of my idiosyncracies, and the San Pedro's recognition of me as a useful ally, my relationship with Señor Valentin has been very rapid and direct in it's development. I have been honoured to meet directly with the spirit of the San Pedro, and to offer some measure of return to Señor Valentin for his long years of service to this most beneficient of teachers.

Valentin said in our first ceremony that "for some reason, it is difficult for Westerners to approach with Jesus", and I certainly recognise my own reaction to the language of the Christian church. What I have come to see behind the words, however, is a man who works tirelessly to assist and facilitate the healing of others, with the tools which best suit his approach to spiritual practice. He is a deeply spiritual man, with a great love for his family, which extends to all the brothers and sisters he meets along the way from his broader human family. He has a huge range of intellectual, spiritual and practical knowledge which he graciously shares, and has the capacity to facilitate, with the assistance of the Sacred Medicines, the healing of the deep energetic roots of illness and dysfunction.

In the words of the Lakota Sioux 'Aho Mitukuye Oyasin'

To all my relations

I wholeheartedly recommend and support this man in his work.