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My preceding post proved painfully prophetic. After leaving the safety of the circle, it seems I have set about "upsetting the firmly held beliefs and intellectual structures of others" (and indeed myself) making for a very bumpy reentry into my much missed land.

I suggested that "The work with the Teacher Plants is by no means easy", and this has indeed proved evident. Nonetheless I am aware of much new energetic and informational structure, and am now in a position to share it more broadly. I will go into more detail soon, but the purpose of this post is to advise that I will be available for appointment in Avalon from 25th-29th of May.

Appointments may be made with Kerrie on 99743223 or 0410 488 247

One of the things that I have learned in my recent journey with the Sacred Power Plants is my tendency to overextend my own energy in service of others, leaving myself little in reserve. I realise this situation is unsustainable, and contrary to the desired outcome of my work. As one means of redressing this am changing my fee structure. Sessions will now be charged as below.

1hour $100
90 minutes $150

I trust that the value of the work will be recognised and this decision honoured without undue difficulty for those who work with me.

As always

With Love