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Middle East Peace

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious" C G Jung

Recent events in the Israel and Lebanon have been give such a wide variety of written responses that it makes little sense to me to inject my own opinion into the sea of opinion masquerading as objectivity in the datasphere. One thing that I have witnessed is a deep sense of hopelessness and inability to act which has been evident in those who have been exposed to “news” of the situation. During the week I have received a number of communications offering suggestions as to what individuals can do to be constructively engaged in the peace process. I am reproducing two such ideas below.

Nicki Scully offers the following;

Dear Friends,

Last night on the news I saw an interview with hooded Hezbollah fighters, covered from head to toe looking directly at the TV camera through small holes cut into their hoods. Barely distinguishable amongst their plain white garments stood a small hooded child! I knew I could be silent no more. This insanity must stop! What is happening in the world is intolerable.

I fervently believe that if mothers and grandmothers take a stand we could change things. If women all over the world stand up and proclaim for all to see, hear, and know with certainty that all women, on all sides of every conflict, are sick of sacrificing their children to the abomination of hatred, cruelty, and unnecessary death, we could change things. The children are the future for all of us. What hope is there for a world where children grow up knowing nothing but fear and hatred?

September 21, 2006 is a UN sanctioned International Day of Peace. I propose that on that day at precisely 10 AM (in each time zone), all women everywhere on the planet stop whatever they are doing and step out into the street, or up to their government headquarters, or gather in a prominent public place and proclaim with one voice “NO MORE WAR!!!” or “LET PEACE PREVAIL!” or whatever words of power or silence best expresses their cry for peace. We can also stand firm in our resolve within our families and invite the men of heart we know to join us in this declaration.

If we could find a way to communicate with and unite all women, even for a moment, our stand will pass like a great wave around the world, and soften the hearts of fathers, uncles, brothers and government leaders who believe that aggression and retaliation are the only valid responses to current world situations.

I offer this idea as a seed that can be watered by your thoughts and input and passed on as a collaborative effort to unite women and create peace. My hope is that if we circulate this message through all our networks and circles, we will reach enough women by September 21 to make a difference. We are not helpless!

Please copy this letter onto a new page before you send it on— forwards are usually filtered out as spam. Add your name if you wish, and your own impassioned plea to get the word out to the women of the world. You can send me any ideas or suggestions and I will post them on my new page, http://www.shamanicjourneys.com/womenforpeace.html. Hopefully, our message will find its way into Darfur and Iraq, into Israel, Lebanon and Palestine, into our own urban war zones, and into all places that are being torn apart by conflict. It’s time to hear the voices of the women. It is not too late!!!

With Prayers for Peace,

Nicki Scully

Whilst Marko Pogacnik offers this;


Again the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians has increased. The Middle East is threatened by another fire. What can we do?

One could say, that the power structure (etheric body) of the Earth, within the framework of the Earth changes has become strong enough, to be able to transform conflicts into creative processes, capable to bring forth proper solutions. The problem is, that the connecting link is missing, that would enable the healing powers to flow towards the given conflict situation. The healing powers are not capable to function properly, because the countries in stress are flooded by negative emotions and thought forms. Yet human beings are capable to create the missing link, if we do connect the critical situation in the Middle East with the dimension of eternity. By this a bridge would be created, through which the powers of Earth and universe can act in a healing way.

But, how is it possible to find connection to eternity and its unprecedented power? It is coded at the centre of a human heart, it can be also reached through the energy systems of our back.

After connecting to the source of infinity within oneself, one should shortly build up in one's imagination some images from the landscapes of fight. Then direct the power of eternity towards the realms of war, so that it can become creative there. One can accomplish this through different venues:

imagine to lay hands upon the critical landscapes,

or create with the help of both hands a vessel in front of your heart centre. Imagine to fill the vessel with the source water. Water will take in the information of infinity. Afterwards imagine that you are directing the water to war realms, to be spread there.

You can discover some further methods.

Sempas, July 20th 2006, Marko Pogacnik

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