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Happy New Year

2006 was a long and challenging year for me and, despite a desire to share, I had little impetus to write. I hope that 2007 changes that, as any increase in transmission of constructive information, and means of self, collective and plantetary empowerment must surely be preferred to the ocean of fear, violence and banality which has become the diet of the majority of modern media consumers.

What does 2007 hold for Quantum LIfe Bodyworks as an organisation and myself as an individual? Well that remains to be told, but some things which are more manifest than others include.

Mystical Journey to Africa with Liz Watters and Simon Green. We depart Sydney on March 9, and although flights are booked I am sure we could squeeze a few more people on board! If you do have a sudden and burning desire to join us in Africa, act on it forthwith by contacting Liz or myself. For those of you who are joining us, I will say that the energy for the event is very present and building, and I will be very pleased to meet with all of you for our departure at Sydney airport on March 9.

Sacred Medicine Seminars. I had planned to make myself available for a group to journey to Venezuela immediately after the African safari for work with Sr. Valentin Hampejs and the Sacred Medicines but have decided to postpone that event until June or July. The demands of these journeys are high, and in order to provide my fullest of attention and clearest service, I need to ensure that I am not depleted either energetically, physically or financially. To those of you who had hoped to join me in Venezuela, rest assured that I intend to offer that possibility, but a new timing now needs to be negotiated. I will offer further news in that regard when I have it, but would recommend that those who have a definitive desire to share the experience let me know their intentions at their earliest convenience so that the needs of the group can be clearly gauged.

Ordinary Graces. A work in progress. Many of you have read Lakshmi's Story. Lakshmi has kindly agreed to contribute said story to a project which has been in development for the last 14 months or so. Ordinary Graces will be a collection of individuals tales of the manner in which grace has unfolded in their lives, allowing them access to realms of spiritual growth of which they had previously not conceived.

As the edifices of the major religions become increasingly irrelevant, or unable to adequately contain the spiritual experiences of many modern lives, new forms of the expression of the sacred in human lives are being born. Although I am no proponent of the "pick and choose spiritual supermarket" of the worst of "New Age" excesses, it is very clear to me that each individual must make their own point of connection with the myriad manifestations of the Divine. The work of Arjuna Ardagh amongst others, points to a feeling which pervades many of our lives. That a shift is occurring in human consciousness, and that the pace of that shift is increasing. Ardagh coined the word "translucents" to describe the nature of individuals..

"have undergone a spiritual awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to reality while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life."

Often the stories told of these transformations are told of "remarkable people". Teachers, poets, movie stars and other public figures. As a result of the poor conditioning effected by many of our cultural mechanisms there can be a habituated response of seeing these people as somehow "special" and "different" to "me". Ordinary Graces seeks to tell the everyday transformations of individuals who go about their business outside of the realm of that which is considered culturally noteworthy. Ordinary Graces seeks to share stories of those who transform their relationship to themselves and to the world, and thus transform the world.

We welcome submissions of those who wish to share their stories, and hope to have the book in print by the close of 2007.

Telephone Consultations. As a result of an ever expanding client base, there is sometimes a considerable wait before people are able to see me personally. In instances where a physical appointment is unavailable, often a telephone consultation can be extremely useful. I have been making more and more such consultations and many are surprised by the depth of the process. If you are in need of assistance, and unable to see me personally in either Bellingen or Avalon, please consider that as an option. Appointments for telephone consultations can be made by telephone or email, and payments can be made online via Paypal or credit card.

Incorporation. Because of the nature of economies and their current models of operation, progressively more of my time is taken up by administrative processes. Those of you who have worked with me will see that my personal association with the realm of business takes a certain amount of energy which could be more healthily utilised elsewhere. As such I hope to incorporate Quantum Life Bodyworks as a separate body at some stage during 2007. I hope that this will take the form of a Non Profit Organisation, but details are yet to be confirmed. I welcome advice from anyone with expertise in these realms who feels to share it. I trust that this process will free more of my energy to best serve the process of unfolding, and allow Quantum Life Bodyworks to fulfill a broader role in education and dissemination of information. Part of that process will be the provision of workshops and seminars by myself and others, and more details will be provided throughout the year.

There will be various changes to the structure of the website throughout the year, so bookmark both this weblog and the Quantum Life Bodyworks site to be aware of further changes. At this juncture the best way to keep informed of regularly updatedinformation provided in this weblog is is to use the Feedburner subscription link at the bottom right hand side of the Home Page at Quantum Life Bodyworks.

I wish you all blessings for the coming year and pray that it presents to you the fruits of your hearts desires, the strengthening of your relationship to yourselves and the direct experience of the Love of the Divine.

With Love


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