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on Spirits

How we see the world is how we intend to see it.
We see it when we believe it.
We become what we see.
Belief schools perception, and perception affects
material reality. The shamanic and the quantum
worlds are almost identical. Hugh Milne, The Heart of Listening

One of the most difficult aspects of my work to articulate from within our current cultural world view is the notion of non corporeal consciousness' which interact very tangibly with the human realm. This is partly and obviously due to the current climate of scientism built upon a cultural framework of aristotelian logic and judeo-christian moral values, but also due to what I perceive as a kind of intellectual non-dualism popularised by a superficial reading of Eastern thought. In these cases notions of "spirits" are often met with expressions of "that's just ridiculous superstition" from the former perspective and "that's merely a projection of your mind" from the latter.

I do not purport to know ultimate truths, I simply recount my observations, and these observations seem to often make a good deal of sense in the moments in which they are articulated. The 'making of sense' seems also to have a profound follow on effect in terms of change manifest in the individual, which is to say some manner of healing.

Although I seek always to extend my knowing, and indeed my ways of knowing, I need little more than that. The immediate quality of felt experience in the world is, for me, 'where it's at.

At this stage of my evolution, it feels to me that something is rather systemically and generally awry with the way we are conducting ourselves collectively on this beautiful planet. Something is fundamentally wrong with the way I am culturally conditioned to think about the world around me, and I see the evidence of of such poor conditioning in the relationships which others about me have with their worlds. Much of this, I feel, arises from a fundamental incompatibility between the materialist and reductionist mechanisms of our culture and the quality of our felt experiences. All too often the words of the mind drown out the song of the heart and, as far as I have seen, that hurts!

In my experience over the last years, I have met with progressively more and more people who are experiencing an inarticulable, yet steadily growing feeling of grief. This grief, I have noticed, often feels so overwhelming and so much bigger than an individual that individuals can make 'no sense' of it, and so set about contorting themselves into strange intellectual positions in order to allow them to continue their daily lives.

I don't feel that ignoring the grief will make it go away!

My proposition is that the nature of this grief is not simply that of the individual, and I feel that the intuiting of this is what stimulates the strong control mechanism of the culturally conditioned mind. My feeling is that this grief is collective, and that more and more people are, despite their strongly conditioned minds, opening to the feeling of this. Now the notion of a collective human consciousness of a Jungian nature is not particularly threatening to the modern cultural mind, but I am speaking of a broader collective. I am speaking of the consciousness of all the beings with which we share this Earth (and indeed this Universe), corporeal or otherwise.

I'm speaking of the consciousness of the trees, and the rocks, the oceans, the mammals, the crustaceans, the insects, the birds. I'm speaking of the Ancestor spirits, the Spirits of the Sacred Medicines, the Wind spirits, the Water spirits, the Earth Spirits and the Fire spirits and, i feel, they are speaking to you...

why do I articulate this?

read on.........

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