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The healing vision of Quantum Life Bodyworks has always included more than solely the laying on of hands. It was with great pleasure that in November of 2007 I met with Rachael Kohn of Radio National to discuss something of my understanding of the nature of plant based shamanism in the South Americas, and the way in which my work was informed by these traditions.

I was grateful for Rachael's openness in discussing seemingly arcane topics, and exponentially gratified by the reception of many throughout the world who called and emailed to thank me for the manner in which the interview shifted their perceptions, and helped them to understand things that they themselves had long sought to articulate.

That particular venture has paved the way for a collaboration with award winning documentary film-maker Liz Thompson to explore at length the curing traditions based around the usage of the Sacred Plant medicines Ayahuasca and Huachuma..stay tuned for more from SoulCure productions.

Until then the Radio National interview is available in mp3 format here.