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Forgive the Spanish pun, por favor.

It has been, yet again, a long time since my prior post, but I feel a flurry of information immanent. As I mentioned in my prior post I have felt to extend the possibility of communication of healing in a broader landscape, and the last months have seen a gestation of various possibilities in that regard. I will explain further, but first an account of the broad unfoldings in my personal and professional journey of the last months.

I had intended to journey to Peru with my immediate family in 2008, to deepen my relationships with the plants and spirits there, in order to be more effective in service to that which seems most obviously my raison d'etre. This had been planned for March, but during the course of said planning, a client and friend contacted me to say that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As she had previously effected a successful cure of multiple sclerosis with the assistance of myself, Dr Valentin Hampejs, Ayahuasca, Huachuma and a bevy of other spirits, she asked for my assistance in seeking a cure in South America with the medicines which had prior offered her so much healing in her life, physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

Despite some logistical and emotional difficulties in leaving my family early, I introduced Lakshmi to my friend in the North of Peru, Ysabel and set about making arrangements to meet her there approximately a month after own arrival.

ysabel buying herbs at market.jpg

Ysabel is a Huachumera of some 25 years experience, whose teachings have been received directly from the plants themselves and the manner of her teachings in part parallels my own. I felt it important, given the nature of the disease that Lakshmi pursue treatment with women. She concurred and, after an overwhelmingly generous offer of financial support from her community, set off for the deserts of Northern Peru and the expert treatments of Ysabel and her co-curandera Olinda therin.

During the course of my own preparations to follow her and support that curing and healing process, I had engaged in a dialogue with my friend Liz Thompson about a project we had been discussing for some years, being a feature documentary film about the teacher plants, and South American curanderismo. We agreed that the story of Lakshmi's journey to seek healing was one worthy of telling, and hastily set about researching if documenting that were possible.

liz prior to leaving sydney .jpg

As this research continued, Lakshmi's healing in Chiclayo continued, with Ysabel and Huachuma determining that one of the root causes of the cancer was an energetic condition which was ancestral in origin. This condition was not viewed as identical to a genetic dysfunction, but with certain parallels. I will be discussing the particular nature of that condition a little later, but the perceived reality of the situation was that the condition had been passed to Laksmi's sons Rob and Dan. Rob had already accompanied his mother to Peru, along with their friend Purdie, who was acting in the role of interpreter (amongst other things!). Dan had planned to journey to Peru to meet his mother there, but upon hearing Ysabel's perspective that a ceremony with Lakshmi, Dan and Rob together would be a powerful manner in which to heal the ancestral condition, Dan decided he would like to travel with me to Peru to facilitate that process.

In the mean time a development funding application had been made to the Australian Film Commission by Liz and I, but in the absence of an immediate response a decision had been made to pursue the film regardless of funding opportiunities. This afforded me the opportunity to learn from yet another Maestra, but also to maximise the effectiveness of my time spent in Peru in the absence of my family. All these decisions were made in the week prior to my departure, but made they were, and so Dan, Liz and myself met in the Sydney airport to begin our long journey to Chiclayo.

A series of delays ensued, which bordered on absurdity, but eventually after interminable airport waitings and a long taxi journey through the coastal deserts (a 2m hole had appeared in the runway at Chiclayo overnight prior to our arrival, so we made the final leg of our journey from Trujillo 3 hours south) we arrived at Pimental, a small coastal town just to the West of Chiclayo where Lakshmi, Rob and Purdie had made their home.

simon's dreaming .jpg

Dan in Peru Truchillo.jpg

simon filming in Truchillo.jpg

liz filming in desert peru.jpg

When we finally did arrive we found Lakshmi and her compadres in good hands and receiving the most voluptuous of attentions from Ysabel & Olinda. The ceremony to include Dan had been postponed in order to give us some time to rest after our lengthy travels, so we set about negotiating the rearrangements necessary to have 6 people living in an apartment which had prior provided for three!

Lakshmi's regular herbal treatments continued during the course of that time, as did the filming of the documentary. Ysabel and Olinda have been the subject of a number of documentaries, and were most delightfully accommodating of the camera.

Lakshmi with Ysabel and Olinda .jpg

filming at ysabel and olinda.jpg

Lakshmi with Ysabel and Olinda having an implasta.jpg

The final ceremony (Dan's first experience with Huachuma) was performed, and felt strongly by all. The treatment was deemed a success, and with the exception of a continued herbal regimen for the subsequent months, considered completed.

mock ceremony with lakshmi for filminga0317081393.jpg

I was not prepared to make such definitive pronouncements, given the magnitude of the journey Lakshmi had undertaken, and encouraged her to seek other advice in the jungle, where I felt the opportunity to work with Ayahuasca would afford her the opportunity to see for herself the emotional and mental antecedents to the disease process. Despite my own intuitive (not unfounded!) resistance to the place, I felt that given my own contacts and the nature of the unfoldings we were experiencing in the immediacy, Iquitos would be the best place for that to occur. I travelled there with Liz, who documented the process of my search for a suitable vegetalista for Lakshmi to work with.

The gracious offerings of my friend's friend Ferdinando, offered me an introduction with a North American curandero Carlos, who facilitated a meeting with a vegetalista who had cured herself of cancer some years prior. I felt that she, dona Othelia, was just the person I had come to Iquitos to find, but had reservations about Lakshmi's capacity or indeed desire to live in the jungle for the course of what Othelia determined would be a "rigorous treatment". Nonetheless shortly thereafter Lakshmi, Rob, Purdie and Dan arrived in Iquitos, and Lakshmi's meeting with dona Othelia confirmed my own intuitions, and she made arrangements to settle in for what has eventuated as a long stay in the jungle some 50km from Iquitos.


I remained in observation of the process, documenting with Liz and assisting in ceremony with Othelia until the arrival of my family in Iquitos some time later. Upon their arrival Liz departed to meet with her own family in Australia, and I remained to continue the documentary process, and my support of Lakshmi. When it became obvious that she was in the best of hands, and in the best possible place she could be for her journey, I left the jungle and made my way to Cusco, from where I write this.

Lakshmi remains in the jungle, receiving very successful work daily from dona Othelia. Although it was determined that Ayahuasca at the outset was too strong for her, the work with many other plants has offered Lakshmi much by way of curing and insight. A recent CT scan in Iquitos showed a calcification of one of the tumours, excellent news from a variety of perspectives. Again I will be sharing more soon.

Being in the Andes has afforded the opportunity for some rest from what has been an arduous journey, and the opportunity to further my own work with Huachuma and the Apus and Pachamamas that I began in this very location some 12 months ago. It has also allowed me to offer some service to this land and it's peoples by offering treatments for the mentally ill in the Sacred Valley by way of Ayni

In order to support myself and my family financially i am continuing telephone sessions for Australian clients, which have been remarkably effective physically, emotionally and energetically. I will be writing more of this as well, as it offers immediate and demonstrative proof (insofar as lived experience at least) of the manner in which all of us are entwined in a remarkably complex web of life on this planet.

Obviously this is a very condensed account of the last six months. I made an attempt to post some of this information some months ago in the jungle, but the data was lost in the upload, and until now I have not had the opportunity to return to it. I have a good deal more to share, but wanted to offer a synopsis of the journey for regular readers.

In an effort to offer more than I am able in one to one sessions, I have embarked upon a project of creating, gathering and sharing information about healing, particularly about the plants, spirits and traditions of this continent which so obviously deeply informs my personal work. I will be providing vignettes of Lakshmi's process, Interviews with various healers and activists in this region, as well as providing a portal for informations produced by others in relation to such subjects at QUANTUMLIFE.TV

This information will be exclusively multimedia, and I will continue to provide written updates about Quantum Life Bodyworks and my own personal journey, and the progression of the production of the documentary directed by LIz and I, as time and inspiration allow both here and at my website.

As I have said this is by necessity a very brief account. I will attempt to convey some more of the magnitude of the opportunity for healing that the material journey has provided in the coming months. Rob has made his own, considerably more intimate documentation of the collective journey of his family and friends here

As I say, my personal journey has not been without tumult, but I am grateful for the opportunities for growth and healing that this has afforded. I feel that Lakshmi has been most generously supported in her curing, and this is precisely the nature of healing in which I wish to participate, where all are recognised for their particular gifts and skills, and the actions of the whole recognised as integral to any one individual's health. We've a long way to go before we develop or rediscover a language for that, but glad to be seeing a way towards that.

So, if I am not too presumptuous in doing so, insofar as support for Lakshmi's healing journey I would like to thank directly my wife Jo, my daughter's Ruby and Maya, Rob, Purdie and Dan, Kerrie, Helen, Ysabel, Olinda, Liz, Simon and their daughters, Othelia, Nicholas, Nino, Carlos, Justin, Ferdinando, Gerry and Alana, Ron, Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Huaca Purana, Ajo Sacha and all the other healing and teaching plants. To my parents, my granparents, my ancestors, my guides and teachers. To the Apus and Pachamamas and all the beings of the unseen realms who support these processes. All of these beings, as well as countless others have offered their energies directly in support of Lakshmi, and thus in support of my journey, and none of this would have occurred in this manner of unfolding without their support. Gracias a todo.

Ysabel and Olinda's mesa with Huachuma.jpg

Hasta Pronto.


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