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A series of delays ensued, which bordered on absurdity, but eventually after interminable airport waitings and a long taxi journey through the coastal deserts (a 2m hole had appeared in the runway at Chiclayo overnight prior to our arrival, so we made the final leg of our journey from Trujillo 3 hours south) we arrived at Pimental, a small coastal town just to the West of Chiclayo where Lakshmi, Rob and Purdie had made their home. simon's dreaming .jpg Dan in Peru Truchillo.jpg simon filming in Truchillo.jpg liz filming in desert peru.jpg When we finally did arrive we found Lakshmi and her compadres in good hands and receiving the most voluptuous of attentions from Ysabel & Olinda. ... Nonetheless shortly thereafter Lakshmi, Rob, Purdie and Dan arrived in Iquitos, and Lakshmi's meeting with dona Othelia confirmed my own intuitions, and she made arrangements to settle in for what has eventuated as a long stay in the jungle some 50km from Iquitos. Untitled1.jpg I remained in observation of the process, documenting with Liz and assisting in ceremony with Othelia until the arrival of my family in Iquitos some time later. ... I will be providing vignettes of Lakshmi's process, Interviews with various healers and activists in this region, as well as providing a portal for informations produced by others in relation to such subjects at QUANTUMLIFE.TV This information will be exclusively multimedia, and I will continue to provide written updates about Quantum Life Bodyworks and my own personal journey, and the progression of the production of the documentary directed by LIz and I, as time and inspiration allow both here and at my website . ... So, if I am not too presumptuous in doing so, insofar as support for Lakshmi's healing journey I would like to thank directly my wife Jo, my daughter's Ruby and Maya, Rob, Purdie and Dan, Kerrie, Helen, Ysabel, Olinda, Liz, Simon and their daughters, Othelia, Nicholas, Nino, Carlos, Justin, Ferdinando, Gerry and Alana, Ron, Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Huaca Purana, Ajo Sacha and all the other healing and teaching plants.

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on Shamanism, Secrets and Stuff

"When in my role as curious ethnographer, I've asked Santa Feans about their interest in this exotic form of healing, they have expressed their admiration for the beauty of the shamanistic tradition, the ability of shamans to "get in touch with their inner healing powers", and the superiority of spiritual treatments over the impersonal medical practice of our own society....And on what authority do we portray our kind of “freedom” as a universal example, or claim to possess great and useful knowledge about the human condition, when we ourselves are denied the freedom that is still granted today to any peasant-farmer or hunter gatherer drinking ayahuasca in jungle clearings in the Amazon - namely the freedom to investigate the mysterious depths of our own minds?” ...The narcissistic attitude that the universe is geared entirely for the individuals wish fulfillment, that indigenous mythologies and practices can be culled of their more irksome notions and subsumed into a safe, effortless intellectual process to further the spread of an increasingly neotenised global human culture would be laughable, if it did not have the potential for such disastrous consequences. ...I am certainly not alone in my perspective that we are at an increasingly precarious position in our species evolution, and although there is tentative hope, averting catastrophe seems to require concerted and collective efforts, the recognition that there is not ONE way to proceed, respect for all life on the planet, and a vast and immediate reconsideration of our cultural mechanisms.

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on Mass Extinction

"It is not too late, we have all that it takes to care for the world we inherited. We have only to make up our minds to do it..." A trailer for a documentary which seems to be expressing much of that which I have been divining in the bodies of clients, yet from a scientific rather than intuitive perspective. We need to find the language to weave all these stories into a common cultural reversal of the madness which weighs heavy in the hearts of us all... and we can do it.. With Love Simon

on Sacred Activism...by Andrew Harvey

Updated Update!

I have been advised that the image displayed in the embedded video is the result of the Google algorithm which picks the frame to display for any given video...just watch the video!

I just discovered that the link to the Google Video seemed to have been hacked with an image of Hitler. I am all for transmuting the negative with the force of the Love of the Mother, but found the image somewhat offensive to display here, so suggest finding the video directly at Google.

Andrew Harvey, Oxford scholar and visionary, believes that our survival depends on Sacred Activism, a fusion of profound mystical awareness, passion, clarity and sacred practice with wise, dedicated, radical action. Andrew has a very similar perspective to my own, albeit coloured by the experiences of his particular personality. I said a number of posts prior that; "any increase in transmission of constructive information, and means of self, collective and plantetary empowerment must surely be preferred to the ocean of fear, violence and banality which has become the diet of the majority of modern media consumers." Andrew Harvey presents here, the very kind of constructive media that I was speaking of, the kind of media which not only inspires, but empowers to action. Jai Ma! Simon

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Conversely...on Joy, Fun and Happiness


A Partner Yoga Class
with Gwynne

th February
6pm – 7.30pm

No experience required!
Come along to double the joy, fun & happiness in the benefits of Yoga. Breathing & laughing together, finding safe support through a creative fun practice to explore & encourage wellbeing & fulfilment in our lives in a safe and nurturing environment.

United in posture with a friend, lover or a fellow yogi deepens our understanding of us & awareness of others. Have fun learning & exploring yoga postures that you can do together share the fulfilment of an open heart & a connected yoga practice.

Where: The Breathing Space in Avalon, Chelsea Lane
(upstairs above the Red Cross & pet shop)
Park on Old Barrenjoey Rd in shopping village
Cost: $25 per person

Bookings Essential as numbers are limited.
Call: Gwynne 0414 579 446

on Thought

Some weeks ago, I attempted to set up an automated response in my mail system to notify the senders of emails that I would be consolidating my multiple email addresses and changing to an address related to my website domain name. Unfortunately said automation was interpreted retroactively and set about responding not only to new emails, but also the 5,000 odd prior emails I had received which were still in my inbox. I managed to halt the process when I realised what was occurring, but many of you who have sent me emails in the past may have received the same message en masse!

I do apologise for that...

It did, however, provide me with food for thought and thought, in fact, about thought. The process set in motion was a simple rule which propagated itself through a diverse group of people, and through emails addressing a plethora of topics. Similarly, poorly constructed thought forms can propagate themselves temporally long after the originating thought is set in motion, and can apply themselves across a wide variety of situations, most of which bear very little relation to the original situation which set the whole structure in motion.

Now these processes churning away beneath the surface of conscious awareness can cause havoc in the lives of individuals, with the repetition of patterns of behaviour which persist, despite conscious intent to change said processes. Using the metaphor of the email rule, the process may continue in the background, giving the user no demonstrable evidence of it's actions. In that particular instance, it was only the receipt of a swathe of returned emails which alerted me to the process. Had I left the computer, the process could have gone on until all 5000 emails were responded to. Similarly unconscious process can continue unabated beneath the threshold of conscious awareness until life events signal warnings to the individual. The astuteness and diligence of the individual is usually a factor in how quickly that unconscious process is halted, or it's symptoms ameliorated.

Certainly that is a relatively simplistic metaphor for the incredibly complex functioning of the human psyche, but many process' are simplistic and simply need articulation so that they can be recognised and dealt with in future. What struck me, however, was the impact of one thought upon the lives of others. In the instance of the email, the initial thought to send communication was multiplied exponentially, and my brief action had very broad reaching impact. Admittedly an inbox full of the same message is merely a nuisance, but the issue of non-local interaction between individuals as a result of thought I felt worthy of expression.

It was recently suggested to me that perhaps my examination of the less salubrious aspects of consciousness was in some way contributing to negativity. I disagreed, pointing to the the Buddha's meeting with Mara and his entourage of demons just prior to his enlightenment as an example of clear thinking yet honest appraisal of the manifest reality at the moment of experiencing. The Buddha recognised the demons for what they were and addressed them as such. I am certainly no Buddhist scholar, but the story seems quite clear to me. The demon, when addressed directly admits his efforts to break the Buddha's concentration and mocks his achievements, but the Buddha remains steadfast in his practice. The end result of which caused the Earth to tremble, as the story goes, in that moment and it certainly has had that effect historically as the impact of one man's awakening has spread around the world and through the passage of centuries.

My point? Well I often don't feel the need to have one, nor do I profess to, but I feel it certainly worth considering that the eschewing of the examination of our own negativities for the sake of "projecting positivity" can have (and has had) disastrous consequences, and I feel strongly that there is plenty of room in the debate about consciousness and how it relates to health of the individual, the cultural body and the body of the Mother Earth for the examination of what is actually there, rather than what we would like to be there.

Many of us take delight in the telephone call from the person we were moments ago thinking of, enjoying the feeling of connectedness, but few perhaps consider the possibility that our less than compassionate thoughts of others may also have an impact outside of our immediate sphere of consciousness. In fact this possibility has a received a fair degree of scientific study over the last 4 decades or so, and it seems more akin to a probability than a possibility.

Larry Dossey MD suggests that "unless health care practitioners acknowledge the capacity of our thoughts for harm, we will remain blind to the harm we cause others through our mental behaviours" in a heartfelt examination of the topic of The Dark Side of Consciousness and the Therapeutic Relationship.

Shamanic cultures have long held the flow of polarities, the realities of both light and dark in the human and non-human worlds, in full cultural view such that a balance could be maintained. The Gnostics suggested that the action of the Archons in the world was through "a kind of subliminal invasion at the level of thought and language (i.e., mental syntax)"1, yet these perspectives seem to elicit a distinct discomfort if brought to the light of conversation or debate.

I am certainly not suggesting that one wallow in the negativity that abounds in this epoch, but recognising it's existence and naming it, calling it for what it truly is, offers a very real possibility of personal and cultural freedoms from old, unconscious and extremely destructive patterns of thought and subsequent behaviours, something that all the beings on this Earth are now in need of.

As Dossey suggests at the conclusion of his own essay..

"Just so, if we stop during our hellish trials, Hell wins. But if we maintain our vision and carry on, we will come through and our world will be transformed. The vision that will carry us through, however, is not one that sanitizes consciousness and denies its dark side but one that recognizes its eternal polarities."

with Love Simon

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on Madness

Whilst on the subject of the Sun, it has been heartening to see a large turnout for local Bellingen events hosted by John Seed and including screenings of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

Not so heartening was this perspective which was recently recounted on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The US government wants the world's scientists to develop technology to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt global warming, the Guardian has learned. It says research into techniques such as giant mirrors in space or reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere would be "important insurance" against rising emissions, and has lobbied for such a strategy to be recommended by a major UN report on climate change, the first part of which will be published on Friday.

The US has also attempted to steer the UN report, prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), away from conclusions that would support a new worldwide climate treaty based on binding targets to reduce emissions - as sought by Tony Blair. It has demanded a draft of the report be changed to emphasise the benefits of voluntary agreements and to include criticisms of the Kyoto Protocol, the existing treaty which the US administration opposes."

When will we have the courage collectively and culturally to say what we know to be true in our hearts. This is madness!


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that which gives you Life

The sun is currently giving mixed signals to scientists. From NASA's website

Solar cycle 24, due to peak in 2010 or 2011 "looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago," says solar physicist David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center. He and colleague Robert Wilson presented this conclusion last week at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.


on Community

“Our science should be based upon a perception of the truth and not on mere belief or opinion. Information received from men can only assist us in forming opinions, but it constitutes no knowledge. True knowledge consists in a direct recognition of the truth and is taught by Nature herself.” Paracelsus (1493-1541)

"In capitalism, "science" must serve the objectives of elites" The Canadian

David Abram in his book The Spell of the Sensuous says;

"Any healer who was not simultaneously attending to the intertwined relation between the human community and the larger, more-than-human field, would likely dispel an illness from one person only to have the same problem arise (perhaps in a new guise) somewhere else in the community. Hence the traditional magician or medicine person functions primarily as an intermediary between human and non human worlds, and only secondarily as a healer"

The healing that I am endeavouring to embody is predicated on such a notion of community, and such a community made manifest in language and deed. For true healing to occur, i feel, relationships must be known and felt, such that the breakdowns in those relationships may be addressed clearly and decisively when they arise (thus limiting dis-ease). In today's culture of global exchange, relationships are often transitory, shallow and disposable. Relationship as utility. All too often relationships are based upon an arbitrary and abstracted economic exchange. In many instances throughout our day, relationships are conducted through the exchange of small pieces of plastic which have scant relation to the nature of our embodied presence in the world, and the impact such transactions have upon our world. Our culture defines itself by the exchange of money for things, and the imbalance of this situation is demonstrable in the breakdown of human to human relationship and the relationships of humans to the broader world that they inhabit, the "more-than-human field".

Martin Prechtel explains this breakdown of the relationship of humans to the realm of spirits thus;

"You see, the spirits are not being fed properly and are being forgotten, but still life continues and the still make the fields fertile. So they are forced to make raids and they are seen as forces of nature. And if you see an AIDS epidemic or a big boat sinking, that is the spirits having to take what they need. The energy transfer. So when they are forgotten they have to come and take what they need or else they will die. The spirits feed us through the natural world all around us. We feed the spirits by offering them gifts, human artifacts, which the spirits are unable to create themselves. We need what the spirits give and the spirits in turn want what we have.When the spirits are forgotten this reciprocal relationship goes out of balance and the spirits become malevolent forces rather than benevolent forces in human life"

These notions are perhaps difficult to assimilate for a mind conditioned by a modern, industrial society, but the notion that we humans are the sole agents of sentinece in the cosmos seems to me to be the height of hubris, certainly as illogical as any tales of other dimensional beings which the European and Christian empires have tried to brutally suppress in indigenous peoples around the world. From the very realm of science comes an example which highlights this most poignantly here;

Despite our great technological advancements (which allow me in part to communicate this now) there is so very much that we do not know, but we do know in our hearts, that the way that we are currently conducting ourselves is not serving us well.

I recently had the great pleasure to meet with Kulavadhuta Satpurananda and when I discussed with him notions of spirits he suggested that we need to understand that what we call spirits are simply the projections of our minds upon Spanda, the subtle creative pulse of the universe as it manifests into the dynamism of living form. I have an intuitive understanding of this fact, and am at heart, and in essence a non-dualist. Until, however, I attain and exist in that ultimate attainment, I am, in part a member of the human community, and as such have a relationship to all the myriad other manifestations of Spanda in the worlds, human, spirits, deities and demons. All such manifestations are ultimately of the same source, and we are all amongst it trying to find our own way home.

on Spirits

How we see the world is how we intend to see it.
We see it when we believe it.
We become what we see.
Belief schools perception, and perception affects
material reality. The shamanic and the quantum
worlds are almost identical. Hugh Milne, The Heart of Listening

One of the most difficult aspects of my work to articulate from within our current cultural world view is the notion of non corporeal consciousness' which interact very tangibly with the human realm. This is partly and obviously due to the current climate of scientism built upon a cultural framework of aristotelian logic and judeo-christian moral values, but also due to what I perceive as a kind of intellectual non-dualism popularised by a superficial reading of Eastern thought. In these cases notions of "spirits" are often met with expressions of "that's just ridiculous superstition" from the former perspective and "that's merely a projection of your mind" from the latter.

I do not purport to know ultimate truths, I simply recount my observations, and these observations seem to often make a good deal of sense in the moments in which they are articulated. The 'making of sense' seems also to have a profound follow on effect in terms of change manifest in the individual, which is to say some manner of healing.

Although I seek always to extend my knowing, and indeed my ways of knowing, I need little more than that. The immediate quality of felt experience in the world is, for me, 'where it's at.

At this stage of my evolution, it feels to me that something is rather systemically and generally awry with the way we are conducting ourselves collectively on this beautiful planet. Something is fundamentally wrong with the way I am culturally conditioned to think about the world around me, and I see the evidence of of such poor conditioning in the relationships which others about me have with their worlds. Much of this, I feel, arises from a fundamental incompatibility between the materialist and reductionist mechanisms of our culture and the quality of our felt experiences. All too often the words of the mind drown out the song of the heart and, as far as I have seen, that hurts!

In my experience over the last years, I have met with progressively more and more people who are experiencing an inarticulable, yet steadily growing feeling of grief. This grief, I have noticed, often feels so overwhelming and so much bigger than an individual that individuals can make 'no sense' of it, and so set about contorting themselves into strange intellectual positions in order to allow them to continue their daily lives.

I don't feel that ignoring the grief will make it go away!

My proposition is that the nature of this grief is not simply that of the individual, and I feel that the intuiting of this is what stimulates the strong control mechanism of the culturally conditioned mind. My feeling is that this grief is collective, and that more and more people are, despite their strongly conditioned minds, opening to the feeling of this. Now the notion of a collective human consciousness of a Jungian nature is not particularly threatening to the modern cultural mind, but I am speaking of a broader collective. I am speaking of the consciousness of all the beings with which we share this Earth (and indeed this Universe), corporeal or otherwise.

I'm speaking of the consciousness of the trees, and the rocks, the oceans, the mammals, the crustaceans, the insects, the birds. I'm speaking of the Ancestor spirits, the Spirits of the Sacred Medicines, the Wind spirits, the Water spirits, the Earth Spirits and the Fire spirits and, i feel, they are speaking to you...

why do I articulate this?

read on.........

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Happy New Year

2006 was a long and challenging year for me and, despite a desire to share, I had little impetus to write. I hope that 2007 changes that, as any increase in transmission of constructive information, and means of self, collective and plantetary empowerment must surely be preferred to the ocean of fear, violence and banality which has become the diet of the majority of modern media consumers.

What does 2007 hold for Quantum LIfe Bodyworks as an organisation and myself as an individual? Well that remains to be told, but some things which are more manifest than others include.

Mystical Journey to Africa with Liz Watters and Simon Green. We depart Sydney on March 9, and although flights are booked I am sure we could squeeze a few more people on board! If you do have a sudden and burning desire to join us in Africa, act on it forthwith by contacting Liz or myself. For those of you who are joining us, I will say that the energy for the event is very present and building, and I will be very pleased to meet with all of you for our departure at Sydney airport on March 9.

Sacred Medicine Seminars. I had planned to make myself available for a group to journey to Venezuela immediately after the African safari for work with Sr. Valentin Hampejs and the Sacred Medicines but have decided to postpone that event until June or July. The demands of these journeys are high, and in order to provide my fullest of attention and clearest service, I need to ensure that I am not depleted either energetically, physically or financially. To those of you who had hoped to join me in Venezuela, rest assured that I intend to offer that possibility, but a new timing now needs to be negotiated. I will offer further news in that regard when I have it, but would recommend that those who have a definitive desire to share the experience let me know their intentions at their earliest convenience so that the needs of the group can be clearly gauged.

Ordinary Graces. A work in progress. Many of you have read Lakshmi's Story. Lakshmi has kindly agreed to contribute said story to a project which has been in development for the last 14 months or so. Ordinary Graces will be a collection of individuals tales of the manner in which grace has unfolded in their lives, allowing them access to realms of spiritual growth of which they had previously not conceived.

As the edifices of the major religions become increasingly irrelevant, or unable to adequately contain the spiritual experiences of many modern lives, new forms of the expression of the sacred in human lives are being born. Although I am no proponent of the "pick and choose spiritual supermarket" of the worst of "New Age" excesses, it is very clear to me that each individual must make their own point of connection with the myriad manifestations of the Divine. The work of Arjuna Ardagh amongst others, points to a feeling which pervades many of our lives. That a shift is occurring in human consciousness, and that the pace of that shift is increasing. Ardagh coined the word "translucents" to describe the nature of individuals..

"have undergone a spiritual awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to reality while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life."

Often the stories told of these transformations are told of "remarkable people". Teachers, poets, movie stars and other public figures. As a result of the poor conditioning effected by many of our cultural mechanisms there can be a habituated response of seeing these people as somehow "special" and "different" to "me". Ordinary Graces seeks to tell the everyday transformations of individuals who go about their business outside of the realm of that which is considered culturally noteworthy. Ordinary Graces seeks to share stories of those who transform their relationship to themselves and to the world, and thus transform the world.

We welcome submissions of those who wish to share their stories, and hope to have the book in print by the close of 2007.

Telephone Consultations. As a result of an ever expanding client base, there is sometimes a considerable wait before people are able to see me personally. In instances where a physical appointment is unavailable, often a telephone consultation can be extremely useful. I have been making more and more such consultations and many are surprised by the depth of the process. If you are in need of assistance, and unable to see me personally in either Bellingen or Avalon, please consider that as an option. Appointments for telephone consultations can be made by telephone or email, and payments can be made online via Paypal or credit card.

Incorporation. Because of the nature of economies and their current models of operation, progressively more of my time is taken up by administrative processes. Those of you who have worked with me will see that my personal association with the realm of business takes a certain amount of energy which could be more healthily utilised elsewhere. As such I hope to incorporate Quantum Life Bodyworks as a separate body at some stage during 2007. I hope that this will take the form of a Non Profit Organisation, but details are yet to be confirmed. I welcome advice from anyone with expertise in these realms who feels to share it. I trust that this process will free more of my energy to best serve the process of unfolding, and allow Quantum Life Bodyworks to fulfill a broader role in education and dissemination of information. Part of that process will be the provision of workshops and seminars by myself and others, and more details will be provided throughout the year.

There will be various changes to the structure of the website throughout the year, so bookmark both this weblog and the Quantum Life Bodyworks site to be aware of further changes. At this juncture the best way to keep informed of regularly updatedinformation provided in this weblog is is to use the Feedburner subscription link at the bottom right hand side of the Home Page at Quantum Life Bodyworks.

I wish you all blessings for the coming year and pray that it presents to you the fruits of your hearts desires, the strengthening of your relationship to yourselves and the direct experience of the Love of the Divine.

With Love


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