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Discovering and Attending to our Deep Body Stories

Simon has, during the past 20 years, been variously employed as an Insurance Underwriter, Rice Farmer, Stockman, Barman, Cemetery Cartographer, Production Manager, Remedial Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release & Craniosacral therapist and Transpersonal Healer. He has studied Western Philosophy & Literature at Flinders University, Traditional Massage forms in South East Asia, Yoga in the Indian Himalaya and by the mighty Ganges, Western Massage techniques in West Australian TAFE, Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute & Hugh Milne,  and various techniques of Curanderismo in Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela and Peru.

These studies have been greatly enhanced by a keen interest in the lives and perspectives of those who he meets along the various roads he travels. He has sat with many saints, sadhus, holy women, mad monks and fools. His journey has unfolded such that the whole world has become his teacher. He considers his knowledge just beginning to unfold and himself blessed to have received such a steady stream of teachers and teachings. He currently takes delight in facilitating a process of unfolding in others through various means not limited to various bodywork forms and intuitive gifts of perception.

Simon was a member of the leadership team at the inaugural conference in 2013 in Tarapoto, Peru of ATOP [Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project] a multidisciplinary research project into the effectiveness of Ayahuasca in the treatment of addiction, headed by Dr. Brian Rush, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Toronto Canada. He remains a Research Associate with ATOP. 

Simon has conducted treatments for the patients of Takiwasi, Peru, a centre for the rehabilitation of drug addiction and for research on Traditional Medicines. Takiwasi is recognised by the Peruvian Ministry of Health and Simon attended as visiting Curandero. This invitation was extended as a result of various collaborations with the centre’s founder Dr Jacques Mabit.

Below is an interview with ABC RN's Rachael Kohn from a 2007 "The Spirit of Things" program. As with, hopefully, any maturing system ideas & feelings change as one's work & practice deepens, so bear in mind the age of the piece in listening.