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Discovering and Attending to our Deep Body Stories

Bodies are maps of experience - temporal, emotional, physical, intellectual, relational & extradimensional. A healthy body is one in which all these aspects are nourished, exercised, acknowledged and nurtured.
— Simon Green



Craniosacral and Myofascial Therapies (Entry work):

Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies allow us to access the unconscious core of the physical body in a face to face session. A common result of this cooperative engagement is the release of deep layers of trapped subtle experience. Hard to resolve and difficult to access sufferings are eased to the surface of the body and allowed release.


Body Stories & Shamanic Healing (Deep work):

© Simon Green

© Simon Green

Stories arise out of the experience and are often articulated, as the dreambody is accessed and often unheard aspects of being are given voice. The energies released in this process are transformed in a variety of manners, using traditional shamanic tools such as chant, whistling, rattle and drum.

The healing engendered by the work is authentic and relies on the power of individuals and their own archaic knowing. I have found that when the wisdom of the body is unencumbered by notions of expectation, achievement or attainment one is offered the possibility of "gratuitous grace". This opens the path for profound emotional, physical and energetic healing. The most profound healings arise spontaneously.

Each session unfolds in the moment, as the meeting of the curer and the client dictates. I see the role of the curer as one of listening, finding pathways and giving voice, rather than a "doing-for".

How to prepare for a session

This process is deep, sometime precarious, and certainly one to be nurtured – you need to give the process space for unfolding that it deserves. Ideally you should have no further demands on your time or person for the remainder of the day of a session.

Many notice that a process of "quickening" occurs in the days and hours prior to a treatment, with old injuries or emotional processes arising from the dark after much time unfelt and unheard. The world may appear extraordinarily rich, or you might experience surges of deep emotional or identity currents, or time and space may feel somewhat fluid. When this occurs, it is an indication of the efficacy of the session and your willingness to allow for healing and renewal. This is often the realm where which much healing and consolidation occurs. It is very important to carry yourself with care after a session.

© Simon Green

© Simon Green

Sessions are individually tailored, but generally last between 1 hour and 90 minutes

Individual Sessions with Simon are held by appointment only. Telephone consultations are also available by appointment.

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